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Eccentric (n.) A disk or wheel so organized upon a shaft that the middle from the wheel and that in the shaft do not coincide. It can be useful for functioning valves in steam engines, and for other purposes. The motion derived is exactly that of the crank obtaining the identical throw.

Enantiosis (n.) A determine of speech by which what's to get recognized affirmatively is stated negatively, and also the Opposite; affirmation by contraries.

Emphatical (a.) Uttered with emphasis; produced distinguished and outstanding by a peculiar tension of voice; laying strain; deserving of strain or emphasis; forcible; spectacular; strong; as, to remonstrate in am emphatic manner; an emphatic phrase; an emphatic tone; emphatic reasoning.

Ejectment (n.) A species of mixed action, which lies for your Restoration of possession of real assets, and damages and expenses to the wrongful withholding of it.

Enterocoele (n.) A perivisceral cavity which occurs as an outgrowth or outgrowths in the digestive tract; distinguished from a schizocoele, which occurs by a splitting of the mesoblast in the embryo.

Emulsify (v. t.) To convert into an emulsion; to variety an emulsion; to lower from an oily compound to the milky fluid in which the Unwanted fat globules are in a really finely divided state, giving it the semblance of Remedy; as, the pancreatic juice emulsifies the oily A part of food stuff.

Embassy (n.) The general public operate of the ambassador; the cost or business intrusted to an ambassador or to envoys; a community message to; foreign court concerning state affairs; consequently, any solemn information.

Enamel (v. t.) The intensely challenging calcified tissue entering to the composition of tooth. It simply handles the uncovered aspects of the enamel of guy, but in many animals is intermixed in different strategies with the dentine and cement.

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Emboitement (n.) The speculation that all dwelling points carry on from preexisting germs, Which these encase the germs of all future dwelling matters, inclosed just one in just another.

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Ingredient (n.) One from quite a few parts blended inside of a method of aggregation, when Each individual is of the nature of The entire; as, an individual mobile is a component from the honeycomb.

Eccentricity (n.) The ratio of the gap of the middle in the orbit of a heavenly system from the middle of the body spherical which it revolves towards the semi-transverse axis on the orbit.

Empiric (n.) 1 who hop over to this website confines himself to applying the effects of mere experience or his have observation; especially, in drugs, one who deviates from The foundations of science and regular observe; an ignorant and unlicensed pretender; a quack; a charlatan.

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